Sell Your Product with DNA
  • Marketplaces Optimization and Intelligence

    DNA Response sells consumer products through the largest online marketplaces. Our innovative solution increases revenue and margins for product companies and provides unparalleled visibility into the activities of online sellers and consumers.


Sell your products at the top five online marketplaces, from a single inventory.

DNA Marketplaces


Gain new insights into what consumers are searching for, who sells your product, and who is violating your pricing policies.


DNA identifies online sellers who violate your pricing and branding guidelines so you can take action.

Our Turn-Key E-Commerce Services Will Deliver Value for Your Business

  • Incremental Sales
  • Unified Branding
  • Consistent Pricing
  • Optimized Product Data
  • Integrated Marketing
  • MAP and MSRP Compliance
  • Online Consumer Insights
  • New Customers
  • Integrated Fulfillment
  • Counterfeit Protection
  • Marketplaces Sales Strategy
  • “DNA has taken our online sales to the next level and implemented our strategy with utmost confidence and competence.” –Alla Dorodny – Marketing Director, Zephyr Pacific Distributors
  • “DNA offers a very seamless and effortless opportunity for marketers looking to maximize their online marketing efforts.”  –Robin Behar, Partner Tablemate USA LLC