The DNA Story

In 2011 our CEO and Founder, Ranjit Mulgaonkar, a seasoned veteran of eCommerce and Ex-Amazonian, recognized that all companies regardless of size need help navigating the complex world of Online Retail Marketplaces and set out to build a company with a distinctive set of skills and technology dedicated to providing this turnkey service.
Amazon is the most dominant Online Retail Marketplaces and generates 90%+ of the sales. Today 39% of consumers are starting their Product Search by going directly to Amazon (Source-Forrester Research). Amazon’s influence over the consumer as a Product Search Engine cannot be ignored.
By end of 2016, 50% of the product searches could be taking place on Marketplaces with existing Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Sears, Newegg and Rakuten plus new Marketplaces like Wal-Mart, Staples, Best Buy and Alibaba. Consumers are migrating towards the Marketplaces because of large product selection, competitive price, free shipping, ease of purchase, mobile access and excellent client service.
DNA team of eCommerce experts provide Sales, Marketing, Fulfillment, Business Intelligence and Client Support on five largest Online Retail Marketplaces using our expertise and proprietary technology platform. We maximize your revenue, control the selling price and your brand, provide critical business intelligence information in a pay-for-performance Turkey solution.
You must have a Marketplace strategy in order to have a brand strategy. Making the most of it is where DNA comes in. Over 50 Brand Marketers have partnered with DNA, you should too.