Amazon Rankings Tracking with Excel

You can download the Amazon Rank Tracking prototype here: Amazon Rank Tracking Prototype. You must have the SEOTools for Excel plugin installed. The spreadsheet uses the XPathOnURL query to scrape Amazon’s search results.

For those of you on, you can use the UK version of the spreadsheet.

rank tracking

Unfortunately, the Excel file operates slowly and requires a manual process for saving each day’s keyword rankings.

We had previously built the same spreadsheet in Google Docs using the their ImportXML query. Unfortunately the reliability of Google Docs has been quite poor recently. At the time of writing, It only retrieves about half of the ASINs ranking for a keyword. Also, the ImportXML query in the new Google Spreadsheets is very, very spotty. Even the example queries on Google’s help page do not work.

If you would like to collaborate on improving either the Excel file or the Google Doc, contact Nathan Grimm via email (first name at or on Twitter @n8ngrimm.

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  • Vincent

    Awesome tool. I noted that the rankings factor in the sponsored listings as well. Are there any work arounds for that?

    • Nathan Grimm

      In one sense, you want to know that there are sponsored listings above your results because that’s going to affect the value of your organic ranking. However it’s a bit misleading if you’re the #1 organic result but the rankings shows you at #3. I don’t have a workaround for that yet.

  • FernandoM

    I found an inconsistency using the tool but I believe it’s related more to Amazon search system. The search URL used on the prototype is not the same as if someone goes into Amazon website and uses the search box and it sometimes gives different results. I’ve tried several methods with the search box (for me it’s the most important because the majority of people will search this way) like searching 1 time, going back and forth the result pages (the url actually changes when you go back to the first one but results don’t), clicking on the search box “go” button twice (also changes the first page url but not the results). The only one that produces different results is the one used with the prototype so I wouldn’t recommend that structure ( For comparison please check the attached image. I’m extracting the 9th item ASIN of each page generated by the link above and as you can see the ASIN extracted from the URL used on the prototype is the only one that brings a different result.

    Anyway it is a nice effort gave me a lot of ideas.



    Edit: Don’t know where the image went. =( but basically this is the url structure if you go into the website and use the search box 1 time:

    So you can see how different it is.

    • Nathan Grimm

      Thanks for posting this. Depending on the query you use, Amazon will display results differently. Sometimes, they are listed vertically and others there is a grid of products. However, I’ve never observed the results coming up in a different order based on how they are displayed.

      I used the simplified URL structure for two reasons:
      1. I don’t know what rules Amazon uses to generate urls from a real-world search so I couldn’t program to tool to match their logic
      2. I would need to predict which style of result Amazon was going to serve and use a different XPATH query accordingly to extract the results. That’s above my pay-grade and I would guess that I don’t have access to the dataset that determines which type of results are going to be served.

      • FernandoM

        I agree, I thought it was something to keep in mind but as you said it would be difficult to predict the type of results because it varies for many reasons. I’ve being playing around a lot with this and I can certainly tell that Amazon logic is very korky.

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  • Krissybobs

    Just installed and tested this for Amazon UK – and hoorah! All is working well. Quick question, is it possible to also request the item_name (Product Listing Name) alongside the returned ASIN? If there’s an automated way to do this it would save a lot of manual copy+paste.

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  • Fonteneau Pam

    so good

  • chandandara

    Do you have something handy for as well ??

  • Agy Yip

    Pretty cool! I tested this from Amazon US with a few keywords, it works very well. keep on tracking the serch terms

  • Constantine Kirillov

    Hi. SEO Tools xls plugin shows up with an error that a Pro version needs to be purchased to use HTML… The pro version is 79 EU per year… Which would be ok, but I do not know if the method will work… Can anyone confirm that the spreadsheet method works with a paid version of the SEO Tools Excel Plugin?

    • Dan K

      There is a 14 day trial version

  • Kaloyan Stolinov

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  • Matthew Henry

    Very helpful – thank you for providing. Especially nice to have provided excel as well since we’ve seen the same inconsistent reliability in Google Docs lately.

  • Ridoy Seo

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  • Janie Ellington

    Nathan thnx for this sheet. But it definitely is slow and require some manual work on it. Still not bad for the free. how can we use this for other European marketplaces?
    I have been using a paid tool for Amazon tracking jobs it does charge me $29 dollars monthly but then again it automates things.

    Can you please also share to at least fetch the item name with this spreadsheet? Thanks for sharing.

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