Want a Better Amazon Rank Tracking Tool?

We’re working hard to build a more robust rankings tool that will automatically track your progress. Do you want an alert when it’s ready later this year? Just leave us an email address and you’ll get a message when it’s ready. You can also follow DNA Response on Twitter.

Amazon Rankings Tracking with Excel

You can download the Amazon Rank Tracking prototype here: Amazon Rank Tracking Prototype. You must have the SEOTools for Excel plugin installed. The spreadsheet uses the XPathOnURL query to scrape Amazon’s search results.

For those of you on Amazon.co.uk, you can use the UK version of the spreadsheet.

rank tracking

Unfortunately, the Excel file operates slowly and requires a manual process for saving each day’s keyword rankings.

We had previously built the same spreadsheet in Google Docs using the their ImportXML query. Unfortunately the reliability of Google Docs has been quite poor recently. At the time of writing, It only retrieves about half of the ASINs ranking for a keyword. Also, the ImportXML query in the new Google Spreadsheets is very, very spotty. Even the example queries on Google’s help page do not work.

If you would like to collaborate on improving either the Excel file or the Google Doc, contact Nathan Grimm via email (first name at dnaresponse.com) or on Twitter @n8ngrimm.

  • Vincent

    Awesome tool. I noted that the rankings factor in the sponsored listings as well. Are there any work arounds for that?

    • http://twitter.com/n8ngrimm Nathan Grimm

      In one sense, you want to know that there are sponsored listings above your results because that’s going to affect the value of your organic ranking. However it’s a bit misleading if you’re the #1 organic result but the rankings shows you at #3. I don’t have a workaround for that yet.