Amazon was down for about three hours from the evening of February 2nd into the early morning on February 3rd. I have not yet seen an official statement by Amazon regarding the issue either in the press or in their communication to sellers. However, the good people of Twitter and Down Detector were on the case.

The first report I can find is by @downdetector on Twitter at 10:40pm EST.

The problems appeared to affect 100% of orders regardless of the device.
@jdulemba posted this error from the Amazon app

@adromorr posted an error from the website.

Function was restored around 1:45am EST on February 3rd. Down Detector shows reports subsiding right around 2:00am EST.
Down Detector #AmazonDown
*Times in the image are PST

And @myredmondonline reports that functionality is restored at 1:46am EST.


Amazon surely missed out on tens of millions of dollars in revenue during three hours but how did the outage affect you? We saw $0 in sales for most of the three hours of the outage. The hour after service was restored, we saw a slightly better than normal hour of sales but nothing that would make up for three hours of outage.

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How did Amazon’s outage impact you? Did Amazon handle the problem well?