Have you ever needed to calculate the FBA fees for a lot of Amazon products? If these products are already listed in your seller account, Amazon has your needs covered with the Fee Preview Report and the FBA Revenue Calculator, but what if a supplier sent you a big Excel file and you need to decide which products will sell profitably?

I ran into this problem so I made a spreadsheet to do the work for me. It took a lot of time to translate Amazon’s guidelines into Excel formulae but now it works like a charm. All you need for data inputs are the dimensions and weight of each product and the calculator instantly provides you an estimate of Amazon’s fulfillment rate. There is one sheet for FBA fees (applicable to products sold on Amazon) and one sheet for Multi-Channel Fulfillment fees (products sold off Amazon but FBA fulfills the order).

US Edition

Update: Both the Excel file and Google Sheet have been updated to reflect the new FBA and storage fees that go into effect on February 18th, 2016 and March 1st, 2016 respectively.

Download the US Edition for Excel
fba fee calculator excel

Copy the Google Doc (To use it yourself log in to Google then go to File >> Make a Copy)
fba fee calculator google sheets

Quick Notes

  • The 30-day storage fee will never match Amazon’s estimates exactly. Amazon charges a higher storage rate in Q4 so I used the average storage rate for the year instead of the lower rate which Amazon uses for their calculations.
  • I didn’t include the special fee that’s just for large LCD, CRT, and Plasma screens. Sorry.
  • Rates may be cheaper if multiple units are in a single order because Amazon may put multiple products in the same box.

UK Edition

Released 22 February 2016. Created with a limited testing data set. Please report any inaccuracies in the comments.

Download the UK Edition for Excel

Copy the Google Sheet – UK Edition  (To use it yourself log in to Google then go to File >> Make a Copy)

Recommended Uses

These spreadsheets are critical if you’re evaluating a large number of products that you don’t yet sell on Amazon. If you already have these products listed through your selling account, use the Fee Preview report in Seller Central instead. This spreadsheet is really useful when:

  • You have a large file of products from another system (like your ecommerce website or a supplier) and you need to know Amazon’s fulfillment fees before going through the work of creating product listings.
  • You need to calculate multichannel fulfillment costs. I’m not aware of any Amazon calculator for this.

Do you have any other ideas for when to use these spreadsheets? Leave them in the comments.


If you want to double-check my work or read more about Amazon’s fees, these links have all the official details.

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