Online Pricing Strategy for Omni-Channel Marketing


In a retail environment where customers can engage a brand on their phone at the same time they shop brick-and-mortar retail, product marketers are beginning to understand the importance of unifying separate retail channels as part of an Omni-Channel market strategy

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Your Distribution Model is Broken and You Might Not Know It


Your product company’s margins require a selective, disintermediated distribution model. We explain why there is massive downward pressure on your wholesale prices and what you can do about it

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Amazon Rankings Tracking with Excel


We're working hard to build a more robust rankings tool that will automatically track your progress. Do you want an alert when it's ready later this year?

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Channel Protection

how to

Learn how DNA Response tracks and removes third-party sellers to protect your pricing online

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The New Search Kings: How Online Marketplaces are Changing Retail


How Online Marketplaces are Changing Retail

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Relevant Insight from Our


DNA Response is now Zahalo

We have big news: DNA Response is now Zahalo.

DNA Response has joined forces with Bluewater Digital, an award-winning digital marketing firm, to create a new agency that will deliver a flawless omnichannel experience. Zahalo will continue to offer the market-leading marketplaces management services pioneered by DNA Response. If you want to learn more about our journey to this point and plans for the future, read the official press release.

Geekwire spoke with Zahalo President, Ranjit Mulgoankar, and published a story as well.

We are excited to work with product brands across to deliver a unique suite of digital marketing services with unparalleled analytics and business intelligence.

Are you ready to Zahalo?


How Frequently Do Users Write Product Reviews on Amazon?

The short answer: 1.69% of orders result in a product review. That is 1 review for every 59 orders. This according to a DNA Response study conducted on 23 February 2016 that included 65 products. The distribution of review rates is grouped tightly with 83% of the products studied falling between 0 and 2.9%.


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FBA Will Significantly Increase on February 18th

Amazon’s annual increase to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees is arriving quickly. The increased shipping costs will take effect on February 18th and the increased storage rates on March 1st. Since FBA fees are calculated based on the size and weight of each product, the effect of the increase will vary based on the products in your catalog. That makes it hard to tell how much of an impact the change will have on your Amazon selling business.

At DNA Response, we prepared for the fee increases by analyzing our catalog of products to see how the fee increase will impact our margins. We use the data to adjust prices or discontinue products. I recommend that every Amazon seller does the same thing.

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