The short answer: 1.69% of orders result in a product review. That is 1 review for every 59 orders. This according to a DNA Response study conducted on 23 February 2016 that included 65 products. The distribution of review rates is grouped tightly with 83% of the products studied falling between 0 and 2.9%.


Why does that matter?

We use review rate in two ways. First, to estimate the rate of sale for competing products. An alternative is to look at a product’s best seller rank but it is difficult to quantify best seller rank over a period of time. On the other hand, if you count the verified reviews a product received for a time period then multiply it by 59, you have a back-of-the napkin proxy for orders.

Second, we use the data when discussing DNA Review Launches with clients. Studies have shown that conversion rates improve as a product acquires more reviews. Do you want to wait until your product has sold 3000 units organically before you’re reaping the rewards of a well-reviewed product page or do you want to give out some test units to accelerate the process? Most brands choose to invest resources to seed the market with reviews (make sure that any discounts or free test units are disclosed in the review and never require a specific sentiment to be included in the review).

Study Details

Here are a few more details about our study that may have impacted the results.

  • We only counted reviews with the verified purchase badge
  • All reviews were counted on 23 February 2016
  • Study covers 90 days with orders and reviews that occurred from 25 November 2015 to 23 February 2016
  • Every order was fulfilled through FBA
  • Only listings where DNA Response had 98-100% buy box during the test period were included
  • DNA Response sends one email asking for a review 14 days after every purchase
  • Study includes 18,704 orders, 317 reviews, and 65 products across multiple categories