DNA Analyzer

What is DNA Analyzer?

DNA Analyzer is a proprietary reporting tool that provides you with up to date information on your business trends critical for making sound business decisions, including inventory management and marketing programs. In addition, the tool will generate actionable recommendations and will track results of all changes implemented earlier.


Sales Reports

Track your sales by time periods, by marketplace and by SKU. See how actual sales perform compared to forecasts. Take steps to improve market share through price adjustments or media spend and track it over time.

Inventory Reports

See how your inventory levels fluctuate over time and review inventory forecasts. Make timely decisions on managing production capacity, thus reducing manufacturing and shipping costs and eliminating bottlenecks and potential gaps in inventory supply.

Brand Strength

Understand your competitors’ search share by topic or category and make sound optimization decisions in your marketplaces listings, other online and offline assets, and marketing campaigns.


Adjust your advertising schedule, targeting and spend based on insights and recommendations with Multi-channel Media Efficiency Ratio reporting by DNA Response. MMER analysis breaks down sales by specific regions and time to help you accurately attribute sales lifts across all digital channels to media placements.

Customer Reviews

Gain better visibility into how users interact with your brand and product through DNA’s Customer Reviews analysis. Take actions to address customer concerns and see how customer satisfaction changes over time, including average ratings and returns rate.

DNA Optimizer

What is DNA Optimizer?

DNA optimizer is designed to help you maximize search visibility of your listings in marketplaces to reach the highest sales potential. Just like traditional search engines, marketplaces use a multitude of criteria in their product search algorithm. Understanding and tracking these metrics puts your brand at the forefront of your competition, while maintaining MAP policy for margins.


Keyword and Category Rankings,

Keyword Volume

See how your products are ranking organically on Amazon and other marketplaces for the most important keywords in your category. In addition, this report provides visibility into search volume by keywords, as well as impressions and click volume on marketplaces PPC campaigns.

What to do with all this data? Modify the content of your listings to improve rankings and start driving more traffic to your products or adjust bids to maximize PPC performance.

Special Placement Opportunities

Some marketplaces run regular promotional events, like seasonal promotions, deals of the day or special offers. Track what SPOs are available in your category and what the requirements are, participate and see how the offers impact your sales performance.

DNA Protector

What is DNA Protector?

Patent pending DNA Protector technology helps you protect your brand interests and price integrity in the marketplaces. Proactively combat issues of grey market and counterfeit sellers; monitor and enforce consequences for MAP and brand guidelines violations; ensure you maintain a clean and controlled distribution channel.


MAP Violations Report

Easily monitor violators, the severity of violations and effect on margins. Take steps to police the issues by amending distribution agreements and cutting off non-compliant sellers.

Product Information Integrity

Quickly identify sub-optimal product or brand information. Address the problems by taking optimization steps like combining listings, adding SKUs, improving product information, registering your brand and eliminating rogue distributors.

Counterfeits Report

Track counterfeiters and severity of counterfeit events. Take immediate actions by sending notices to Alibaba and Amazon.

“DNA Response puts your product everywhere online at once. It would probably take several years to accomplish what they can do in several weeks.”
Rick Cesari, CEO Cesari Direct


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